Yacht Charter


An unforgettable pleasure at the Bosphorus...

Sureyya V has proven to be one of the most eye-catching rides on the Bosphorus. Designed with sleek lines and an elegant profile, she provides the perfect ambiance for unforgettable engagements, weddings, anniversaries and private parties.

While on board, guests are offered an array of choices from a carefully created menu suitable for the international pallet. Imagine dinning on the Bosphorus Strait, where east and west greet one another, enjoying the ever-changing view rich with historical monuments where you're invited to engage in both past and present.

Deck Capacity: 70 pax ( in case of meal )
Lounge Capacity: 15 pax
Length: 32 meter
Width: 6.75 meter
Main Engine: 450 hp, Cummings
22.50 kwA Onnan
Transfer: Zodiac Boat
Electronics & Navigation: Full
Music System: In Lounge & Deck
Date of built: 2004


Bebi was designed with luxury and intimacy well in mind, she offers a special place that the soul craves, and there she takes you.

Beautifully appointed with mahogany and chrome throughout, style and function are key design elements immediately noticed when on board, truly a delight to the eye.

Day or night, time spent on the waters on the Bosphorus, will inevitably become an album of pictures embossed in your memory for many years to come.

Deck Capacity: 12 pax (in case of meal), 20 pax (in case of cocktail)
Lounge Capacity: 10 pax
Length: 20 meter
Width: 5.3 meter
Main Engine: 2x450 hp, Perkins
12 kwA Onnan
Transfer: Orka Boat
Electronics & Navigation: Full
Music System: In Lounge & Deck